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The Red Dwarf BBC Broadcasts Guide

What follows is a (hopefully) comprehensive listing of every time the BBC broadcast (unless otherwise noted, on BBC Two) the original 52 episodes of the first eight series of Red Dwarf. I’ve not included any information on Dave or other UKTV channels (either their repeats of the BBC series or the four new series they’ve produced), mostly because it would have been impossible to do so whilst also keeping the tables readable and would’ve had to be constantly updated, but rest assured that had I been able to, I would have.

All information about the broadcast times and dates was taken from BBC Genome. Some corrections and information on censorship were taken from articles on Ganymede & Titan which I should stress were nothing to do with me whatsoever. If you know of any corrections to make to these listings at all, please get in touch - you can use the comments or tweet me.

Last updated 18/11/23 -- added 2023 broadcast of "Parallel Universe"

Series I



Second airing

Third airing

Fourth airing

Fifth airing

Sixth airing

Seventh airing

#1.1 “The End”

15/02/88, 9pm

07/01/94, 9pm

Remastered version: 13/02/98, 10.05pm

Remastered version: 07/09/98, 9.30pm

30/01/03, 11.20pm

25/12/07, 12.40am

25/08/23, 10pm

#1.2 “Future Echoes”

22/02/88, 9pm

14/01/94, 9pm

Remastered version: 14/09/98, 9.30pm

13/02/03, 11pm

27/12/07, 12.25am

01/09/23, 10pm


#1.3 “Balance of Power”

29/02/88, 9pm

21/01/94, 9pm

Remastered version: 21/09/98, 9.30pm

20/02/03, 11.20pm

28/12/07, 12.20am

08/09/23, 10pm


#1.4 “Waiting for God”

07/03/88, 9pm

28/01/94, 9pm

Remastered version: 28/09/98, 9.30pm

27/02/03, 11.20pm

29/12/07, 12.50am

22/09/23, 10pm


#1.5 “Confidence and Paranoia”

14/03/88, 9pm

04/02/94, 9pm

Remastered version: 05/10/98, 9.30pm

06/03/03, 11.20pm

30/12/07, 12.30am

29/09/23, 10pm


#1.6 “Me2

21/03/88, 9pm

11/02/94, 9pm

Remastered version: 12/10/98, 9.30pm

13/03/03, 11.20pm

31/12/07, 12.10am

06/10/23, 10pm


Note: The February '98 broadcast of the Remastered version of "The End" was a lead-in to Red Dwarf Night the next evening, and was preceded by a 2-minute promo for the Remastered episodes.

Series II



Second airing

Third airing

Fourth airing

Fifth airing

Sixth airing

#2.1 “Kryten”

06/09/88, 9pm

29/08/89, 8.30pm

18/02/94, 9pm

Remastered version: 11/01/99, 9pm

26/06/03, 11.50pm

13/10/23, 10pm

#2.2 “Better than Life”

13/09/88, 9pm

05/09/89, 8.30pm

04/03/94, 9pm

Remastered version: 18/01/99, 9pm

04/07/03, 12am

20/10/23, 10pm

#2.3 “Thanks for the Memory”

20/09/88, 9pm

12/09/89, 8.30pm

11/03/94, 9pm

Remastered version: 25/01/99, 9pm

10/07/03, 11.50pm

27/10/23, 10pm

#2.4 “Stasis Leak”

27/09/88, 9pm

19/09/89, 8.30pm

18/03/94, 9pm

Remastered version: 01/02/99, 9pm

03/11/23, 10pm


#2.5 “Queeg”

04/10/88, 9pm

26/09/89, 8.30pm

25/03/94, 9pm

Remastered version: 08/02/99, 9pm

07/08/03, 11.50pm

10/11/23, 10pm

#2.6 “Parallel Universe”

11/10/88, 9pm

03/10/89, 8.30pm

01/04/94, 9pm

Remastered version: 15/02/99, 9pm

14/08/03, 11.50pm

17/11/23, 10pm

Note: The 2003 airing of “Queeg” was originally scheduled for 31/07, but postponed. The run also omitted “Stasis Leak” for reasons unknown.

Series III



Second airing

Third airing

Fourth airing

Fifth airing

Sixth airing

#3.1 “Backwards”

14/11/89, 9pm

04/10/90, 8pm

08/04/94, 9pm

Remastered version: 12/05/99, 9pm

21/08/03, 11.50pm


#3.2 “Marooned”

21/11/89, 9pm

11/10/90, 8pm

15/04/94, 9pm

Remastered version: 26/05/99, 9pm

28/08/03, 11.50pm

14/06/14, 9.55pm

#3.3 “Polymorph”

28/11/89, 9pm

18/10/90, 8pm

06/05/94, 9pm

Remastered version: 02/06/99, 9pm

05/09/03, 12am

26/10/03, 11pm

#3.4 “Bodyswap”

05/12/89, 9pm

25/10/90, 8pm

13/05/94, 9pm

Remastered version: 09/06/99, 9pm

02/11/03, 11pm


#3.5 “Timeslides”

12/12/89, 9pm

01/11/90, 8pm

20/05/94, 9pm

Remastered version: 16/06/99, 9pm



#3.6 “The Last Day”

19/12/89, 9pm

08/11/90, 8pm

27/05/94, 9pm

Remastered version: 23/06/99, 9pm

16/11/03, 11.20pm


Note 1: The 26/05/99 broadcast of "Marooned Remastered" was not seen on BBC Two Wales due to a regional opt-out; it was aired on BBC One Wales later in the night instead - here's the continuity announcement. I don't know what time the BBC One Wales broadcast was, but the BBC Genome listing for the normal schedule that day suggests it might have been 11.55pm. (Thanks to thomasaevans on the Ganymede & Titan forums for alerting me to this.)
Note 2: BBC Genome lists "Timeslides" as being repeated 09/11/03, 11.20pm. However, according to Ganymede & Titan, the repeat was pulled (as it was Remembrance Sunday and the episode features a 'guest appearance' from one Adolf Hitler). The Genome doesn't indicate that the episode was rescheduled later on.
Note 3: No, I don’t know why the 2003 run went off for weeks and then showed “Polymorph” again when it came back either, but that’s what the Genome says happened.
Note 4: The 2014 airing of “Marooned” was part of BBC Two’s 50th Anniversary celebrations.

Series IV



Second airing

Third airing

Fourth airing

Fifth airing

Sixth airing

#4.1 “Camille”

14/02/91, 9pm

26/05/92, 8.30pm

01/07/94, 9pm

15/09/00, 9pm

30/11/03, 11.30pm


#4.2 “DNA”

21/02/91, 9pm

09/06/92, 8.30pm

22/07/94, 9pm

22/09/00, 10pm

07/12/03, 10.30pm


#4.3 “Justice”

28/02/91, 9pm

19/05/92, 8.30pm

10/06/94, 9pm

29/09/00, 10pm

14/12/03, 11.20pm


#4.4 “White Hole”

07/03/91, 9pm

02/06/92, 8.30pm

08/07/94, 9pm

06/10/00, 10pm

21/12/03, 12.35am


#4.5 “Dimension Jump”

14/03/91, 9pm

12/05/92, 8.30pm

03/06/94, 9pm

22/03/96, 9pm

13/10/00, 10pm

22/12/03, 12.50am

#4.6 “Meltdown”

21/03/91, 9pm

16/06/92, 8.30pm

29/07/94, 9pm

22/10/00, 11.30pm

23/12/03, 1.10am


Note 1: The repeat orders for 1992 and 1994 are different to the first run as it more accurately reflects what would have happened were it not for the Gulf War. See this article at Ganymede & Titan for more information.
Note 2: See the Series VI section for why “Dimension Jump” was repeated in March 1996.
Note 3: The 2003 repeat run was postponed by a week.

Series V
Second airing
Third airing
Fourth airing
Fifth airing
#5.1 “Holoship”
20/02/92, 9pm
26/03/93, 9pm
02/09/94, 9pm
24/12/03, 1.05am
#5.2 “The Inquisitor”
27/02/92, 9pm
05/03/93, 9pm
12/08/94, 9pm
25/12/03, 12.40am
#5.3 “Terrorform”
05/03/92, 9pm
19/03/93, 9pm
26/08/94, 9pm
26/12/03, 12.20am
#5.4 “Quarantine”
12/03/92, 9pm
09/04/93, 9.10pm
23/09/94, 9pm
27/12/03, 12.30am
BBC Four: 23/10/22, 10.40pm
#5.5 “Demons and Angels”
19/03/92, 9pm
02/04/93, 9pm
16/09/94, 9pm
28/12/03, 1.20am
#5.6 “Back to Reality”
26/03/92, 9pm
26/02/93, 9pm
05/08/94, 9pm
22/12/95, 9pm
29/12/03, 12.40am

Note 1: The original broadcast of "Terrorform" uses a copy of James Last's version of Copacabana. All repeat versions - on the BBC and all other channels, plus the DVD - substitute a soundalike as clearance costs only covered the premiere.
Note 2: Your guess is as good as mine as to why the 1993 and 1994 repeat orders were so different to the original run, but I suspect it has something to do with the positive reception to "Back to Reality", and the less good (at the time) reception of "Holoship".
Note 3: The 1994 repeat of “Demons and Angels” was censored after Craig Charles was arrested on suspicion of rape on the 8th June of that year (a charge of which he was subsequently completely exonerated.) Check here to see what was cut.
Note 4: The 22/12/95 showing of “Back to Reality” was for “The Best Red Dwarf Ever!”, a public vote to determine the most popular episode, and was preceded by a specially filmed introduction from Craig Charles as Lister.
Note 5: The 2022 airing of "Quarantine" on BBC Four was part of a season of classic comedy repeats for the BBC's centenary celebrations.

Series VI



Second airing

Third airing

Fourth airing

Fifth airing

Sixth airing

Seventh airing

#6.1 “Psirens”

07/10/93, 9pm

16/02/96, 9.30pm

15/11/96, 9.30pm

30/12/03, 1.10am




#6.2 “Legion”

14/10/93, 9pm

30/09/94, 9pm

23/02/96, 9.30pm

22/11/96, 9.30pm

31/12/03, 12.55am



#6.3 “Gunmen of the Apocalypse”

21/10/93, 9pm

07/10/94, 9pm

01/03/96, 9.30pm

29/11/96, 9.30pm

14/02/98, 11pm

06/01/99, 9pm

01/01/04, 1.35am

#6.4 “Emohawk: Polymorph II”

28/10/93, 9pm

14/10/94, 9pm

08/03/96, 9.30pm

06/12/96, 9.30pm

02/01/04, 1.10am



#6.5 “Rimmerworld”

04/11/93, 9pm

21/10/94, 9pm

19/04/96, 9pm

13/12/96, 9.30pm

03/01/04, 12.30am



#6.6 “Out of Time”

11/11/93, 9pm

28/10/94, 9pm

15/03/96, 9.30pm

20/12/96, 9.30pm

03/01/04, 11pm



Note 1: “Psirens” was omitted from the first repeat run due to Craig Charles’ legal situation at the time. The repeat of “Gunmen of the Apocalypse” was also censored as a result; check here to see what was cut.
Note 2: “Rimmerworld” was due to be repeated on 15/03/96, but was pulled due to the Dunblane Massacre (it was eventually repeated a few weeks later). “Out of Time” thus aired a week earlier than originally scheduled, and “Dimension Jump” plugged the gap, despite what it says on BBC Genome (which is taken from Radio Times listings printed before the schedules had to be changed.)
Note 3: The 1998 airing of “Gunmen of the Apocalypse” was part of Red Dwarf Night.

Series VII
Second airing
Third airing
Fourth airing
#7.1 “Tikka to Ride”
17/01/97, 9pm
19/01/97, 9.20pm
19/09/97, 9pm
11/01/04, 11.30pm
#7.2 “Stoke Me a Clipper”
24/01/97, 9pm
26/01/97, 9.20pm
26/09/97, 9pm
30/06/04, 11.20pm
#7.3 “Ouroboros”
31/01/97, 9pm
02/02/97, 9.20pm
03/10/97, 9pm
30/06/04, 11.50pm
#7.4 “Duct Soup”
07/02/97, 9pm
09/02/97, 10.30pm
17/10/97, 9pm
07/07/04, 11.20pm
#7.5 “Blue”
14/02/97, 9pm
16/02/97, 9.30pm
10/10/97, 9pm
07/07/04, 11.50pm
#7.6 “Beyond a Joke”
21/02/97, 9pm
23/02/97, 9pm
24/10/97, 9pm
14/07/04, 11.20pm
#7.7 “Epideme”
28/02/97, 9pm
02/03/97, 9pm
31/10/97, 9pm
21/07/04, 11.20pm
#7.8 “Nanarchy”
07/03/97, 9pm
09/03/97, 9.30pm
07/11/97, 9pm
28/07/04, 11.20pm

Note 1: The Sunday repeat airings were often on the same day as sports coverage; I’ve gone with the times listed on BBC Genome, but some of them might have aired a little later due to overrun. This continuity announcement for the second airing of "Blue" (erroneously described as being taken from the premiere) describes it as airing 'a little later than planned', so that one at least went out later than scheduled.
Note 2: The Genome states that when VII was rerun in October 1997, "Duct Soup" and "Blue" were indeed switched in the running order. I don't know why this would be, but I will presume it is what happened unless someone who happened to see that repeat run can confirm otherwise.

Series VIII
Second airing
Third airing
Fourth airing
Fifth airing
#8.1 “Back in the Red (Part One)”
18/02/99, 9pm
21/02/99, 9pm
09/09/99, 9pm
04/08/04, 11.20pm
#8.2 “Back in the Red (Part Two)”
25/02/99, 9pm
28/02/99, 9pm
16/09/99, 9pm
11/08/04, 11.20pm
#8.3 “Back in the Red (Part Three)”
04/03/99, 9pm
07/03/99, 9.30pm
23/09/99, 9pm
18/08/04, 11.20pm
#8.4 “Cassandra”
11/03/99, 9pm
14/03/99, 9pm
30/09/99, 9pm
25/08/04, 11.20pm
#8.5 “Krytie TV”
18/03/99, 9pm
21/03/99, 8.50pm
07/10/99, 9pm
01/09/04, 11.20pm
#8.6 “Pete (Part One)”
25/03/99, 9pm
28/03/99, 9pm
14/10/99, 9pm
08/09/04, 11.20pm
#8.7 “Pete (Part Two)”
01/04/99, 9pm
04/04/99, 9pm
29/10/99, 9.30pm
18/09/04, 11.10pm
#8.8 “Only the Good…”
05/04/99, 9pm
16/04/99, 9.30pm
21/04/99, 9pm
05/11/99, 9.30pm
23/09/04, 11.20pm

Note 1: A Children in Need sketch was also filmed as part of Series VIII, and broadcast as part of the telethon on 22/11/98 circa 10.30pm.
Note 2: “Only the Good…” was bumped out of the usual Thursday slot for premieres due to golf coverage, which also meant the usual Sunday repeat was moved too.
Note 3: The "Comedy Connections" episode covering the show premiered during the August 2004 repeat run, specifically on 30/08/04 at 10.55pm.

Appendix: Red Dwarf Night
The full schedule for 14 February 1998's Red Dwarf Night, as given in the Radio Times, was as follows:

9pm: A Menu with Patrick Stewart
9.05pm: Can't Smeg, Won't Smeg
9.35pm: The Smeg Ups
10pm: Universe Challenge
10.30pm: Red Dwarf A-Z (Note: This was repeated on 07/09/98, 10pm)
11pm: "Gunmen of the Apocalypse"

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