Sunday, 23 June 2019

The Tell-Tale Edit II

Remember this thing I wrote about the two alternate versions of the Simpsons episode "The Tell-Tale Head"? If not, you'd better go and read it right now, or what's under the break here won't make any sense.

Since I wrote that, a much higher quality copy of the original ending has surfaced on YouTube. (I am not sure if it is a copy of Fox's original broadcast, a syndication copy, from the VHS, or somewhere else.) The description of the video offers a story not dissimilar to the one I find so suspect about Fox insisting a moral had to be shoehorned in, albeit with slightly more detail, although it also claims that the scene was deleted "circa 1992", which clashes with the evidence that suggests it had already changed by the time of the episode's second airing later in 1990. (The Simpsons did not begin airing in syndication until 1994, and the episode was not repeated on Fox after 1990, so where exactly does "circa 1992" come from, I wonder? Is it based on the fact that the VHS release with the original version came out in late 1991?) The video's uploader has since replied to my query saying it was "just a theory", although I'm still not sure where the idea came from...

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