Sunday, 16 July 2017

Long Reads

Bit stuck for things to blog about at the moment, I’m afraid. (There’s a couple of Doctor Who pieces I’d quite like to write, but I want to wait until some of the Series 10 reviews have been bumped off the front page first.) So, to fill time: as the blog is now seven months old and has over 50 posts to its name, I’ve picked out all the long read (or long-ish read, at any rate) articles that I think are particularly good and stuck them in one place for the interested.

Horror Classic Gamebooks: The very first post ever written for the blog, in which some adventure gamebooks from 1986 are reviewed.
Cretan Chronicles: The work of some students is ruthlessly mocked.
The Simpsons on the BBC – A Ludicrously Comprehensive Guide: Literally everything interesting about The Simpsons being broadcast on the BBC.
The Red Dwarf BBC Broadcasts Guide: Described as ‘lovely work’ by one of the co-founders of Ganymede & Titan, and ‘excellent’ by the show’s script editor.
Yes, We Know Who You Are: A history of fictional prime ministers in the Doctor Who universe.
The Signs of the Fourth: I review the entire run of the BBC’s flagship drama Sherlock, attempting to pinpoint the moment at which it became rubbish.
The 50 Best Fighting Fantasy Deaths: Amusing ways to die in fiction.
The Simpsons Xmas Book: A 26-year-old piece of TV tie-in merchandise is scrutinised.
Doctor Who on the BBC – The Wilderness Years: What happened to a television show on television in the years where it wasn’t on television.
Another Insane Objective: Star Wars and Doctor Who are compared in a slightly novel way.
Bender Than Life: An article so epic in scope it was broken up into two parts.
Edit Wars #4: Literally everything interesting about Robot Wars not covered by the three earlier articles in this series. (The others are much shorter, but probably still amongst the more genuinely interesting things I’ve written.)
It’s Only a Gamebook… Isn’t It?: A comprehensive guide to Knightmare tie-in fiction.
Sit in a Bottle: On bottle episodes of audience sitcoms.
Have I Got Radio Times Listings for You: The question “What can you learn about a show just by looking at 19 years of TV guide listings for it?” is conclusively answered.


  1. Just discovered your blog - mainly because of the gamebook content. Was similiarly intrigued and frustrated by the Cretan Chronicles. About the only comparable conclusion to a series might be the end of book 6 of the Smith / Thomson Falcon series, or the original ending of Slaves of the Abyss.

    Feel free to check out my (extremely wordy and self-indulgent) playthrough pages at (Way of the Tiger) and (Lone Wolf).

    Oh, and one other thing - that whole thing in Sorcery where book 3 would ask if you had killed 0-1 serpents when you HAD to kill at least two to get that far bothered me for YEARS....

    1. Much thanks for the comment! Will check out your blogs.